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Local Flooring Stores, Doing What Big-Box Stores Can't

Bix box stores like Home Depot, Menards, and Lowe?s have tried to position themselves as the One Stop Shop for everything you might need for your home from ceiling to floor. This just isn?t the case, especially when it comes to your floors. Deciding to do business with a local retailer for your flooring is a much better idea, and here?s why:

The Value of Experience

With chain stores, many employees may not be able to answer specific questions you may have about carpet, hardwood, or vinyl flooring. This is because they are required to work in multiple departments, which often means the person you approach with questions may not have the valuable information you need to help you make decisions about your flooring. At Six Floors Down, you will know that you are talking to an industry expert who can help you find the best products for your needs, because we have had the same team of professionals for many years.

What about comparing prices of flooring materials at chain stores? Good luck with that! The chain stores sell the exact same products as local flooring stores, but they change the names of the products and colors to prevent you from shopping around. You will have no idea who manufactures the product or how to compare prices.

The big box stores are by far the most expensive place you can buy carpet or other flooring. These stores will start by charging you a non-refundable fee as much as $50 dollars just to come out to your home to measure. The subcontractor that measures will not be able to tell you what your cost will be, and you will need to return to the store to find out the final cost. You will have to pay in full up front, and then wait weeks for the installation.

The big box chain stores lure you in with various gimmicks and sometimes even promise free installation, but qualified installers don?t work for free, and everyone knows that. Those costs are hidden in the products, demolition, or elsewhere in the fine print.

At Six Floors Down, we will measure your home for free, with no obligation. We only ask for a partial down payment and the balance is due at completion. We also offer financing with no interest for one year or more.

The Value of Service

Your local flooring store will always have more products to show you than a chain store. You will be able to get your carpet, laminate, luxury vinyl, or hardwood floors much faster because a local floor covering business like Six Floors Down orders and receives those products directly from the manufacturer.

You can take comfort in knowing that we provide a Lifetime Installation Warranty on every product we sell and?install in your home. If you have questions about your purchase before, during, or after the installation, our associates are available in-person, by email, and by direct phone calls. This is a level of service that simply cannot be obtained at a big box store.

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Flooring at Six Floors Down in Westerville, OH