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Decorative concrete finishes in Columbus, OH

This is where the "Six" in Six Floors Down originally started. Most flooring stores only offer the four basic types of flooring, but we also offer Concrete Stain and Epoxy Coatings for your interior residential or commercial concrete floors.

These flooring systems require special equipment and expertise for a successful installation. If you are looking for an expert to help you with either epoxy, stained concrete, or protective sealers, contact our flooring store today!

Epoxy floor installation

Epoxy Floors provide a seamless floor that is very durable, sanitary, good looking, and long-lasting floor. They can also assist in correcting damaged or worn concrete.

Many custom colors and patterns are available. Sample applications would include basements, garages, kitchen or food prep areas, industrial, bars, pet stores, automotive environments, and many others.

Stained concrete installation

Six Floors Down can stain your existing concrete floors. This is a perfect way to enhance old concrete flooring.

Stained concrete is perfect for basements, garages, patios, retail stores, restaurants, or other commercial floors.
Decorative Concrete Finishing in Westerville, OH area from Six Floors Down

Garage floor installation

Another common application for epoxy or resinous floors are garage floors. With proper surface preparation, an epoxy garage floor can provide beauty and durability for a very long time.

These floors range from solid color applications to more elaborate systems that are broadcast with paint or vinyl chips or other aggregates to achieve a designer look.

These floors can also include specialty non-slip materials for additional safety. Today's epoxy and urethane coatings can be extremely durable and fade resistant and are easy to clean and maintain.