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Specialty services in Columbus, OH

At Six Floors Down, we differentiate ourselves from typical flooring stores by offering several additional specialty services, such as heated floors, moisture testing, floor leveling, all types of flooring repairs, from simple repairs to complicated surface restorations.

If you have a flooring problem or looking for something out of the ordinary, we can help!

Floor preparation

Six Floors Down offers a variety of services for floor prep. We have the specialty tools and experience to prepare surfaces to accept new flooring.

We specialize in concrete slab preparation, with services such as surface cleaning and abrasion, power scraping, grinding, scarifying, and shot blasting.

A properly prepared floor is the foundation for any successful installation, whether it be resinous flooring, including epoxy and urethane coatings, self-leveling underlayments or other cementitiuous toppings, tiled floors, resilient floors, stained concrete, and other applications requiring proper surface preparation.



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Flooring repairs

Six Floors Down offers repair services on most types of flooring. We can replace or repair damaged sections of carpet, ceramic tile, hardwood, and laminate flooring.

If your flooring was damaged as a result of water, fire, or other perils, we will work with your insurance company to help restore or replace your floor.

Floor leveling

We offer a variety of floor leveling and substrate preparation services to prepare floors for the installation of flooring finishes or materials.

There are a variety of problems with existing floors, such as uneven areas, holes, cracks, stains, moisture, or other problems that might prevent the successful installation of a finished floor, unless proper floor prep and leveling is done.

Six Floors down installs a wide variety of products for floor prep, floor topping, and floor leveling from manufacturers like Ardex, Dependable, C-Cure, Quikrete, Laticrete, Mapei, and others. Call us for more details.
Specialty Services in Columbus, OH from Six Floors Down

Moisture testing

Six Floors Down offers moisture testing of concrete slabs. We perform a variety of tests including Relative Humidity Testing, Calcium Chloride Moisture Testing, and PH Testing.

Proper installation of certain flooring materials onto a concrete slab requires testing and verification of flooring conditions.