Five reasons to consider a tile installation

Tile is a preferred choice for kitchen and bath flooring, most likely because it’s so impervious to water.

Today, there’s a large assortment of colors, shapes, sizes, designs, and patterns that make tile a perfect choice for any area in the house, from the entrance foyer to the living room.

Six Floors Down has been serving the area for 14 years. We handle both residential and commercial, the latter being restaurants, medical facilities, and retail locations. With a fully stocked flooring inventory, we also provide professional installation and more.

Our showrooms are in Westerville & Pickerington, OH and we service Westerville, OH, Pickerington, OH, Columbus, OH, Canal Winchester, OH, New Albany, OH, Reynoldsburg, OH, and Worthington, OH.

If you prefer, we can always come to your home or business with flooring samples.

Tile talk

This material provides:
  • Style galore. There’s literally something to fit every budget. Of special note here is the wood-look pattern; while genuine wood can be damaged by excess water, tile is completely waterproof. It can, therefore, be an especially good choice for the bathroom, widely known as the "wettest room in the house."
  • Durability. Almost impossible to crack, it’s no big deal if you do because all you need to do is replace the broken piece, and not the complete floor. As you already know, they’re also waterproof.
  • Easy cleanability. Just sweep or vacuum (preferably with a soft brush attachment). For a more thorough cleaning, mop with a manufacturer-approved detergent.
  • Energy savings. This flooring has exceptional heat transfer abilities. When a room is cool, or hot, and you walk on bare feet, it gets transferred to your body. That’s why you feel so much cooler in summer, and that might save on the A/C bills. It also works the other way; if the room is already heated, it will make you feel warm.
  • Design possibilities. It’s not just for flooring, but also makes incredible backsplashes, accent walls, or surrounds for fireplaces and open shelving.

In fact, when the kitchen backsplash is coordinated with flooring and countertops, it can become the focal point of the room.

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Points to remember

  1. A ceramic always needs to be glazed. That is what gives it that ultra-hard top shell and makes it waterproof.
  2. If budget is a consideration use a plain one on the larger areas, with some highly designed pieces to accent.
  3. Have fun, and mix and match to create your own expression of style.
  4. Always have a professional installed it. Tile is difficult to cut and if you make a mistake, there’s no going back to fix it.5.It can be slippery when wet, so walk carefully!

Tile and stone

Six Floors Down offers a wide selection of tile for nearly every application, from floor tiles, to back splashes, to customer showers, and more. Ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tile makes an attractive addition to any room of the home or business, and is also one of the most versatile design elements for an interior designer or decorator. The range of colors, multitude of textures and shapes, and infinite design possibilities available with tile makes it possible to create a unique look for your environment.